Our members agree to:

  • Make business connections by getting to personally know others by coming to The Table
  • Be open and ready for conversation that creates relationships that unite, not divide
  • Be willing to accept and provide help, coaching, feedback and mentorship or sponsorship as opportunities arise
  • Be open and intent on offering hiring opportunities, business opportunities and business connections 
  • Know that relationships take time and trust, but our goal is to accelerate the process with everyone embracing the same intention – good relationships and good business
  • Be prepared to move from talk to action

Our Members Make These Commitments

  • To attend at least three of the six The Table or additional Table Extension events a year
  • To participate in discussions including sharing NEEDS and INTENTIONS
  • To intentionally take action. This can include offering hiring or business opportunities and relationships,
  • engaging in mentorship, making introductions, creating exposure for others or accepting help.
  • To participate in a Table Extension group, if appropriate.
  • To share with The Table leadership team results stories to be posted to the website.

Table Extension Groups will be formed based on


Table Extension Groups and Meetings will be:

  • Formed based on intention type to facilitate best practices, education and guidance among the group.
  • Led by designated Co-Leaders with expressed passion
    Examples can include: Mentors, Mentees, Partner members (associations and non-profits), Company CEOs and diversity managers based on size, Minority companies desiring contracts, Companies looking for diverse suppliers or Job candidates.
  • Table Extension group “match-ups” will be conducted as needed – for instance, mentors and mentees, companies and suppliers, etc.

Non-Profit Members: Associations and Non-Profits

  • The Table also aligns with Non-Profit Members: Non-Profit members are association or non-profit leaders whose organization’s mission intersects with the mission of The Table. As part of their membership ($250 annually with scholarships available) the organization and their mission will be promoted to The Table members to cross-pollinate efforts and resources.

Non-Profit Supporter 

$2,500 Supporter: Includes logo representation, up to 5 memberships for CEO and designated team members, board members or members

What does action look like?

Action comes from an expressed need and members with intentions on action.

  • Action comes from an expressed need and members with intentions on action.
  • Mentoring someone to assist them to move up in their career
  • Making an introduction that will elevate a person’s career or business
  •  Facilitating relationships that help organizations strengthen their DEI goals
  • Make introductions that help companies meet their hiring or procurement goals
  • Others as they are expressed

Table Membership

    • To be considered to be part of The Table, each prospective member must have at least two referrals from founding or current members.
    • Cost: $258 online a year with scholarship available.
Become a Member

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Individual Sponsor Levels (annual)

$250 membership included

$500 Developing Professional
$1000 Supporter
$5000 Cultivator: Includes a seat on the Advisory Board
$10,000 Accelerator: Includes a  seat on the Advisory Board and 5 sponsored membership for chosen individuals.

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The Table is non-partisan group not affiliated with or endorsing any political individual or organization