Our members agree to:

  • Make business connections by getting to personally know others by coming to The Table
  • Be open and ready for conversation that creates relationships that unite, not divide
  • Be willing to accept and provide help, coaching, feedback and mentorship or sponsorship as opportunities arise
  • Be open and intent on offering hiring opportunities, business opportunities and business connections 
  • Know that relationships take time and trust, but our goal is to accelerate the process with everyone embracing the same intention – good relationships and good business
  • Be prepared to move from talk to action

Our Members Make These Commitments

  • To attend at least three of the six The Table or additional Table Extension events a year
  • To participate in discussions including sharing NEEDS and INTENTIONS
  • To intentionally take action. This can include offering hiring or business opportunities and relationships,
  • engaging in mentorship, making introductions, creating exposure for others or accepting help.
  • To participate in a Table Extension group, if appropriate.
  • To share with The Table leadership team results stories to be posted to the website.

Table Extension Groups will be formed based on


Current Table Extension Groups:

Corporate Board Development

  • Co-leaders:  Charles Story and Julie Peak
  • Mission Statement:  To substantially increase the representation of people of color on private and public boards in Nashville.

Developing Talent

  • Co-leaders:  Eddie Alford, Harry Allen, Melissa Hudson-Gant, and Brian Lowenthal
  • Mission Statement:  To create partnerships that help organizations develop systems and cultures for recruitment, retention and development for people of color of all levels, with an emphasis on Leadership positions.

Diverse Hiring/DEI Practices

  • Co-leaders:  Ashely Bond and Maggie Warrier
  • Mission Statement:  To provide proven inclusive recruitment and retention practices that assist organizations in empowering diverse talent to thrive in greater Nashville.

Mentee Relationships

  • Co-leaders:  Sunny Bray, Chess Owens
  • Mission Statement:  To provide rising leaders with real resources of business and leadership development.  By expanding perspectives of minds, we connect motivated individuals with leaders of experience to enhance and develop the skills and tools necessary that will strengthen the individual’s business and community impact.

Mentor Relationships

  • Co-leaders:  Matt Becker and Grover Hardin
  • Mission Statement:  To provide access and opportunity for mentorship and sponsorship to further mentee professional growth and development making the Nashville community the model of inclusion and equity.

Procurement/Diversify Vendors

  • Co-leaders:  Shawn Bakker and Richard Friley
  • Mission Statement:  To make Nashville an inclusive and equitable community for procurement opportunities for people of color.


  • Leader:  Katherine McElroy
  • Mission Statement:  To provide research and benchmarking metrics (baseline and progress) to support the mission of The Table.

Non-Profit Members: Associations and Non-Profits

  • The Table also aligns with Non-Profit Members: Non-Profit members are association or non-profit leaders whose organization’s mission intersects with the mission of The Table. As part of their membership ($250 annually with scholarships available) the organization and their mission will be promoted to The Table members to cross-pollinate efforts and resources.

Non-Profit Supporter 

$2,500 Supporter: Includes logo representation, up to 5 memberships for CEO and designated team members, board members or members

What does action look like?

Action comes from an expressed need and members with intentions on action.

  • Action comes from an expressed need and members with intentions on action.
  • Mentoring someone to assist them to move up in their career
  • Making an introduction that will elevate a person’s career or business
  •  Facilitating relationships that help organizations strengthen their DEI goals
  • Make introductions that help companies meet their hiring or procurement goals
  • Others as they are expressed

Table Membership

    • To be considered to be part of The Table, each prospective member must have at least two referrals from founding or current members.
    • Cost: $258 online a year with scholarship available.
Become a Member

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$5000 Cultivator: Includes a seat on the Advisory Board
$10,000 Accelerator: Includes a  seat on the Advisory Board and 5 sponsored membership for chosen individuals.

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