Here are the latest Table results!

Board Seat Attained – 2022

Lineage Bank announces Cynthia Whitfield-Story, from INSPIRE1 Consulting, has joined the company’s board of directors.

It was recommended that Richard Herrrington, founder of Lineage Bank, talk to The Table for possible recommendations on board members.  The Table introduced Richard to Table member, Cynthia. “It is unbelievable what we have found with Cynthia, her background and her talent. After the first meeting, we were astonished.  Somebody whose background, whose culture, whose focus on the future really just fit right in with what we’re trying to do with our new bank.  We are thrilled to have Cynthia with us and she will be very important to us as we develop our bank in the future.”

Cynthia credits The Table for this opportunity.  “I definitely want to thank Kate and Lee for you having this mission, this vision, and you put your money where your mouth is.  And, I am really so appreciative to get the opportunity to do something that has been a dream of mine.”

Real Estate Partnership Created – 2022

Elde and DeLisa Guerrier of Guerrier Development named Pat Emery of Hall Emery Real Estate as a co-developer and partner for the Storyville Gardens theme park, coming to Nashville, TN spring of 2025.

Pat credits The Table for making this partnership possible.  “The Table really allowed us to get together and learn about what one another needed and get to know the person.  And once you get to know the person, it became a very easy decision to join this endeavor and bring it to reality.”

DeLisa also speaks to the benefits of The Table.  “What we were able to see after joining the advisory board and after connecting with Pat, was truly the heart behind The Table.  You see the results because of the intention.  Everyone that I have met that has been involved with The Table has come in with this heart to truly make a difference and make an impact and really live out the vision that Kate and Lee founded this upon.”

Board Seat Attained – 2022

Table member, Marshall Crawford, joined the Nashville Branch Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.  He credits The Table for opening the door and making it possible.

The Table has opened the eyes of so many people about the importance of diversity and inclusion.  I’m not taking anything away from my body of work, but I’m sure your commitment and influence in the community and state-wide has made it possible for me to be considered.”

You can read about Marshall’s announcement here.

Induction into Enterprising Women Hall of Fame – 2021

Table member, DeLisa Guerrier, was inducted into Enterprising Women Hall of Fame in November of this year.  She credits The Table for the connections that made this opportunity possible.  You can read more about DeLisa’s honor here.

Panel Member Referral – 2021

Private Directors Association Nashville was looking for panel members for an upcoming event.  The Table referred Charles Story and he joined a group of accomplished panel members to share his thoughts on Board Responsibility During a Crisis

Media Created Business Stories and Exposure – 2021

The Nashville Business Journal published an article regarding Table member Sunny Bray:

I want to help transform the Nashville community into a more diverse environment through collaborative efforts between the companies, nonprofits, community leaders and others all coming together to impact change. 

It’s all about being intentional.  There are some great organizations that are taking steps toward the change we all want to see.

The Table, an organization that I’m a part of with Kate Wood and Lee Molette, is one of them.  I’ve always had informal mentors throughout my career, but now I have a very formal, professional mentor that has done what I want to do, and that’s Beth Chase.  I don’t know if I would have that opportunity or if we would’ve crossed paths had it not been for The Table.

So, we need more organizations and people who are willing to help others while creating opportunities and connections that will ultimately improve the business community and the city of Nashville as a whole.

Board and Committee Seats Attained – 2021

Several Table members were recommended to the Dismas House.  Alisha Shoates is joining the board, Mark Jackson is being asked to join the Marketing and Communications committee, and Faran Abdi is being asked to join the Finance committee.

Introductions to Media Created Business Stories and Exposure – 2021

Through a Table connection, the Nashville Business Journal published an article regarding Fisk University:  Merging academics with industry: How these leaders are guiding Fisk University into a new era

Students Represented at The Table – 2021

Fisk University and Tennessee State University are sponsoring The Table and students are attending Table membership meetings.  This gives them access to and the ability to create relationships with business leaders.

Mentor Relationship Created – 2021

DeLisa and Elde Guerrier requested a mentor for a real estate project.  A Table introduction was made to Pat Emery and a relationship has been established and ongoing.

Board Seats Attained – 2021

Two Table recommendations were made for the YWCA board and Table members Marcia Masualla and Roberta Pettis attained a board seat.

Mentor Relationship Created – February 2021

Table member Mark Epps was looking for a mentor to help him plan and start his general construction company.

The Table made an introduction to Sean Buck and they since have started a mentor relationship.

Mentor Relationship Created – February 2021

Table member Kassam Bhegani reached out to The Table with this request:

I’m seeking to build a great relationship with an experienced RE developer. Really one who is able and available to take me under their wing as a protégé. Could you/The Table support me in this effort?

The Table made an introduction to Pat Emery and they since have started a mentor relationship.

Introductions to Media Created Business Stories and Exposure – January 2021

Marq Burnett, a reporter at the Nashville Business Journal reached out to The Table for contacts regarding a project on black entrepreneurs/businesses. Five Table members were been contacted and interviewed. This creates the possibility for more exposure for their business.